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The Gunners of Hellevoetsluis

The current fortress of Hellevoetsluis dates from the 18th century (1715) and is one of the best preserved defense structures in the Netherlands. With a walk on the ramparts and along the harbor you will get a taste of the maritime, historical and artillery past in many places.


The cannons positioned within the fortress testify to this. On the southwest side of the fortress you will find the coastal battery, which dates from the 19th century, where there is also a cannon bunker built by the Germans. The coastal battery also includes a number of emplacements for coastal artillery, a barracks, and a powder and projectile magazine. The various sights are freely accessible every day. The Hellevoetsluis fortress is special in that it was built to protect the harbor and secondarily for the population. The Artillery Committee of the Hellevoetsluis Shooting Association takes care of the cannon shooting. Its task is to provide a performance during festivities and celebrations of historical and/or maritime events, at the request of the Hellevoetsluis Cannonball Foundation (SKH). Our gunners are specially trained to handle and fire these beautiful historic cannons in an authentic manner.

Additional information about the guns on the southern front and their operation can be found here presentation.

General information about the history of these old cannons can be found here presentation

General information, information about uniforms and gun salutes in this presentation

Information about the firing mechanisms can be found here presentation

Movie firing cannons before fireworks start "summer in the fortress 2010"


  • photos "summer in the fortress" weekend 2010

  • Photos of the cannon spring up 29-mei 2011 are here to find.

  • Youtube video about shooting 26-06-2011 via this link.

  • Photos from "Summer in the Fortress 2011" are through this link to find

  • Video in front of both artillery pieces fortification 2016 link

On April 29, 2018, the Gunners were honored with a visit by Roel van Deursen from the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad - Voorne Putten weekly Newspaper.

  • Photos Photos 29 april 2018

  • Film and interview Dutch Algemeen Dagblad Newspaper - Voorne Putten link

The Voorne Defense Line 19 mei 2018